⌨️TypeScript Example

A Quickstart example using the TypeScript SIWE Library



  • Run a Sign-In with Ethereum example locally

  • Sign-In with Ethereum using a preferred wallet


  • NodeJS version 14.0 or higher

Running the Quickstart

  • First clone the siwe repository from GitHub by running the following command:

git clone https://github.com/spruceid/siwe-notepad
  • Next, enter the directory and run the example by using the following commands:

cd siwe-notepad
npm install
npm run dev
  • Finally, visit the example at http://localhost:4361 (or whichever port npm allocated).

  • Once the example has loaded, sign in with Ethereum by clicking on one of the wallet options, enter some text, and save that text. After disconnecting, try reconnecting to reload that text once the session has been reestablished.

The full example can be found here:

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