🖥️OIDC Provider

An OpenID Connect Identity Provider for Sign-In with Ethereum


Many organizations want to consolidate the Sign-In with Ethereum workflow to a single identity service (Identity Provider or IdP) that could be used to access all their federated services (Relying Parties or RPs) using OpenID Connect to forward the user's session. This reduces overhead and mitigates security risks by consolidating authentication to one protected site instead of several, especially in complex IT systems that have many services for their users to access.

Getting Started

The OIDC Provider implementation of Sign-In with Ethereum can be found here:

Currently, two runtime modes are supported: (1) a standalone executable (using Axum and Redis) and (2) a WASM module within a Cloudflare Worker. Both are built from the same codebase, specializing at build time. Compilation with a cargo target of wasm32 will build for Cloudflare Worker deployments.

For convenience, a fully deployed and hosted version of the OpenID Connect Provider (OP) is available at https://oidc.signinwithethereum.org. For more information on using that, check out Hosted OIDC Provider.

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