The tldrc program provides a modular interface to export TreeLDR models into various target languages (RDF N-Quads, JSON Schema, JSON-LD Context, etc.). The command line interface can be used as follows:

tldrc -i <input file 1> ... -i <input file N> <target> <layout>

Here is the role of each parameter.

  • <input file 1> to <input file N> are the input files defining the TreeLDR model. The input files can be written into the custom TreeLDR syntax, or in various other languages such as N-Quads, RDF Turtle, JSON-LD, etc.

  • <target> is a subcommand of the command line interface for choosing the target language. The possible targets include json-schema, json-ld-context, rdf, rust, etc.

  • <layout> is the relative IRI of the layout to generate. It must be declared somewhere in the input files. If the target language allows it, multiple layouts can be embedded in the output.

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