Decentralized identity, storage, and more in an easy-to-use library

SSX is an open-source toolkit by SpruceID that lets developers easily integrate decentralized identity and data into their applications. Decentralized identity lets users control how their personal data is shared digitally in a secure way that doesn't depend on intermediaries.

SSX has a modular feature set that enables developers to:

  • Let users authenticate and begin key-based sessions using technologies like Sign-In with Ethereum or WebAuthn (coming soon).

  • Let users create and protect personal data vaults.

  • Let users manage how their data are used and shared.

  • Let users present verifiable facts about who they are and what data they own.

To test each module in a sample app, get started with our NextJS Quickstart.


You can also begin by installing SSX and then dive deeper into each module, as the sections below outline.

For SSX v1.x.x documentation, please go here.

Integrate SSX

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SSX Modules

Each module within SSX encapsulates related functions or APIs that app developers can access and utilize.

  • UserAuthorization Module: This allows developers to interact with users for authentication and authorizations. It enables users to sign in and grant permissions.

  • Storage Module: This module provides tools to enable your users to set up user-controlled storage. These are personal data vaults or personal clouds, where users manage how their information is stored and shared. Developers can enable users to create a data vault and perform CRUD operations once permissioned.

  • Credentialing Module (coming soon): This module lets your users present verifiable facts about who they are and what data they own using self-issued Verifiable Credentials (VCs).

Want to contribute?

  • 👾 Discord - Join the #developers channel in the Spruce Discord Server for additional support.

  • 📖 Blog - Check out the latest updates on SSX posted on the Spruce blog.

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