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Creating an application

This section defines how to create a Next.js app
A completed version of this part can be found in the example repository (00_create_project).
Let’s create and run our Next.js app. We recommend creating a new Next.js app using create-next-app, which will automatically set up everything for you. To create an app, run:
npx create-next-app@13
On installation, you’ll see the following prompts:
✔ What is your project named? … my-app
✔ Would you like to use TypeScript with this project? … Yes
✔ Would you like to use ESLint with this project? … Yes
✔ Would you like to use Tailwind CSS with this project? … No
✔ Would you like to use `src/` directory with this project? … No
✔ Use App Router (recommended)? … Yes
✔ Would you like to customize the default import alias? … No
After the prompts, a folder with your app name will be created, and all primary dependencies will be installed.
To check whether the app has successfully been created, run the following command:
cd my-app
npm run dev
You now have a Next.js app ready to be integrated with SSX.