⚙️Installing SSX

Installing SSX

SSX Client

The SSX library enables you to add user-controlled identity and data to your application.


SSX can be added as a dependency to your project using your preferred Node.js package manager by running any of the following commands.

npm install @spruceid/ssx


Once installed SSX can be instantiated at any point in your frontend app. Below is an example of a function that could be called on a sign-in button. This creates a SSX instance, prompts the user to connect and Sign-In with Ethereum, and stores and returns information about the user's session in the ssx object.

import { SSX } from '@spruceid/ssx';

const signInButtonHandler = async () => {
    const ssx = new SSX();
    const session = await ssx.signIn();

SSX works without configuration. However, you can access a robust feature set by enabling and configuring some available options.

You can find all available options in the Configuring SSX section.

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